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sit and heel
Beginner Class 6 week class Obedience - $240

The AAS von Tente Kennels Boot Camp provid professional obedience dog training and puppy training classes for all breeds of dogs. You will be also introduce to Sport Competition : BH/Schutzhund/IGP, AD, FH

Commands that will be Taught:

The Sit Command

This is also one of the easiest dog commands to teach. It is used to control your dog when it gets over exited. A dog that will sit on command is much easier to manage. When you teach you dog to sit, it should sit and focus on you until you give it another command.

The Down Command

Similar to the sit command, it also is used to control your dog. Instead of sitting you have your dog lie on it's stomach. It is more comfortable that the sit command and can be used when you want your dog to be still for more than a couple of minutes. Again when in the "down" position the dog should be focused on you until the next command.

The Come Command

Of all the dog commands to have your dog know, this is one of the most important if not the most important. It can keep your dog out of trouble from a lot of different sources whether it be traffic, other dogs or maybe really young kids. You want "Spot" to come each and every time you call so you have to make coming to you more fun than that pile of dog poo or another dog in the area. To do that you have to give "Spot" a treat each and every time he comes to you. It should be a special treat too, not just some of his dry dog food, but a treat he really, really likes. You should always have some of this treat in your pocket or hidden around so that you can always reward we he does come. Of course that is the secret to teaching any of the dog commands.

The Heel Command

This is used to keep your dog at your side, usually the left side , either when off or when on a leash. It keeps the dog from pulling on the leash or lagging behind. An absolute necessity if you have a large dog like a Great Dane, not so much if you have a "Yorkie". We will be working on leash.